“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein



It is a known fact that we have already created a negative impact on our existing environment and we could continue doing so in years to come. Each one of us around are concerned on the commercial aspect of increasing their profits and we pay the least attention to a socialistic approach. The basic necessities such as food, clean drinking water, energy and shelter is perceived to be for everyone but that’s not the truth in a world where commercialism exists. These are available to the ones who can afford it, but this needs to change soon!

At Stichting Foundation For A Better World (FFABW), we take the responsibility that everyone deserves their basic needs and make it available in an environmentally friendly manner. We believe in taking actions and not just talking about it.

We at FFABW R&D (Research & Development) various environmentally friendly alternatives for energy through devices ready for production and knowledge freely accessible and usable through Open Source licenses. We don’t believe in selling these devices, but allow everyone to build, rent and sell the devices under the terms of the licenses.

As our basic intention lies in spreading the information through open source free licenses and not through selling or renting out these devices, our entire organization depends on donations in all possible forms.

If this has raised your curiosity, you can check and support all our various projects here at PROJECTS below among the different types of energy.

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