Wind energy

In this section we will discuss the possibilities of generating energy with wind.

Not all possibilities will be investigated, but the applications to make a home autarkic will certainly be discussed. And everything we investigate becomes available under free open source licenses.

Planned Projects

Running projects

Windmill for on the ridge of the roof vertically.


Windmill for on the ridge of the roof horizontally.

We are working hard on the prototype. If all goes well, we will present it at the Floriade.

English is the main language for projects. Engels is de hoofdtaal voor de projecten. Englisch ist die Hauptsprache für Projekte. L'anglais est la langue principale pour les projets. Ingléses el idioma principal para proyectos.


Small horizontal wind turbine for the ridge of the sloping roof

Windmills are available in many types. Horizontal, vertical with ordinary or coiled blades. Most have a copywright protection in the form of model law or patent. We want to have one that has to fall under the free Open Source license. A team from Helen Parkhurst's technacium: Dalton School in Almere, Netherlands is currently working on a design.

The description of each project is made available to everyone under our free Open Source Licenses

This is an example