Solar energy

In this category we will explain what is possible with solar energy.

We will investigate the possibilities that are useful for making an autarkic home. And everything we investigate comes available under free open source licenses.


Planned projects

Cooled and insulating solar panels for roof renovation.


Completed research

The solar roof pan version 1

English is the main language for projects. Engels is de hoofdtaal voor de projecten. Englisch ist die Hauptsprache für Projekte. L'anglais est la langue principale pour les projets. Ingléses el idioma principal para proyectos.

Solar Tile

Solar Tile replaces the roofing material of a pitched roof. Due to the construction of the solar tile, the roof is further insulated. The solar tile does not only provide electricity. The energy needed for heating and cooling this way can be reduced.    

400px Sun Tile Roof 0001

400px zonnelei156x156 op dak