Energy storage

Energy storage is of great importance for an autarkic home.

The purpose of energy storage is to have an addition at the moments that there is not enough natural energy available to still have sufficient energy. The amount of energy stored must provide an autarkic house with energy for several days.

The simplest possibility of saving electricity is a rechargeable battery. But not all forms of energy are electricity. It can also be heat or even cold that is stored in a special container. A gas in a pressure vessel is also stored energy. That gas can be methane from the biodigester but also hydrogen made from water.

With every storage there is the possibility that energy will flow away. This differs per type of energy storage.

The risk with different forms of energy storage is different.

All aspects that we must take into account in our research. We will use existing storage methods for the time being.

We will certainly investigate the storage methods for making a home autarkic. In the first instance, we think of a heat sink in the ground. Everything we investigate becomes available under the free open source licenses.

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