Chemical energy

In this section we will discuss the possibilities of generating chemical energy. Here is the combustion engine. It makes no difference to an enlargement engine whether fuel comes from fossils or if it is of a biological nature. The difference is that biological waste is seen as CO2 neutral and the other increases the concentration of CO2. Combustion is a chemical reaction that takes place with oxygen O2. There are also chemical reactions that do not produce CO2, such as during the combustion of ammonia. Hydrogen gives water as a waste product and is therefore the cleanest fuel. Hydrogen also gives a lot of energy. The energy potential is 5 times higher than that of petrol.

We will not investigate all the possibilities. The applications to make a home autarkic are certainly covered. And everything we investigate becomes available under free open source licenses.


Planned Projects

Bio generator.

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Project NL-00400 Bio fuel generator

A Biogenerator is an internal combustion engine that runs on biofuel. The combustion engine drives a generator creating electricity. Biofuel is created by biological processes.

This takes place in a bioreactor or biodigester system, as described in project NL-00100.


Detailed description to be added soon