English is the main language for projects. Engels is de hoofdtaal voor de projecten. Englisch ist die Hauptsprache für Projekte. L'anglais est la langue principale pour les projets. Inglés es el idioma principal para proyectos.


The FFABW is developing a complete installation. The installation consists of different parts.
There is at least one variant for each component. Each component is developed in a separate project.
Parts that already exist may not be developed until later.
We want everyone to have access to environmentally friendly techniques and that is possible under the free Open Source license.
The diagram below shows the entire installation.

Kringloop van natuurlijke energie English New 800x566

  1. ) Plants, Livestock
  2. ) Eat and Drinks
  3. ) WC, sink, shower, rainwater, etc.
  1. ) Solar panels
  1. ) Windmill
  1. ) Blue Box
  2. ) Separation of liquid and solid parts
  3. ) The bioreactor receives the solid parts of g)
  4. ) Algae cultivation receives the liquid part of g)
  5. ) Filter turns gray water into drinking water
  6. ) Bio generator
  1. ) Elektra
  2. ) Heat
  3. ) Gray water
  4. ) Drinking water
  5. ) Organic manure