Windmills come in many types. Horizontal, vertical with plain or rolled blades. Most have copyright protection in the form of a design right or patent. We want one that is under the free Open Source license. A team from Helen Parkhurst's technacium: Dalton School in Almere contributed to this design.

The description of each project is made available to everyone under our free Open Source licenses.

Producers / Makers

Welcome to the opportunity to manufacture and market a unique product.
We are looking for you!
The production data is made available under Free Open Source.
Enter a niche market.
Is your company ready for this environmentally friendly energy solution?
Is M. an installation company makes the product visible on the roofs.
FFABW (see home and mission) develops, you produce and sell.





Welcome to working at height!
The ridge windmill is developed by FFABW and produced by a manufacturer.
Your company will have the opportunity to specialize in installing, connecting and maintaining this unique environmentally friendly product.
It offers opportunities and a new clientele.
FFABW (see home and mission) offers all product data under Free Open Source.




Consumers / Users

Welcome to the solution to generate your own energy.
Use your roof and see the effect on your energy bill.
It is now more important than ever to make new energy generation available to every household. This is not done by the major energy companies, but by a specialized installer.
FFABW (see home and mission) develops and states that every household worldwide should have access to energy and clean water, regardless of the monopoly of the large companies.
Make use of the Nok Windmill and contribute to a better environment.