Vision FFABW


The goals of the Foundation For A Better World are:

  • The technical development of environmentally friendly energy and drinking water producing devices,
  • Sharing knowledge via a free Open Source License,
  • To set a standard for using these devices and systems,
  • To share the knowledge for production and use via the internet,



Our civilization is supported by a daily energy requirement. However, most of the energy production has a negative effect on nature and therefore our living environment.
Affordable environmentally friendly energy sources are necessary worldwide.
The FFABW develops clean environmentally friendly systems/devices that make energy and drinking water generation possible for everyone and everywhere, by making the knowledge available through free Open Source licenses.

Exploration of developments

CO2 and CH4 reducing devices will remain of great importance for the coming millennia. Development remains necessary because insights and circumstances change. Tests and endurance tests only provide a limited flow of information. The feedback from practice completes the information flow. The more companies produce the products developed by FFABW, the more carrying capacity is created.
A long start-up phase must therefore be expected. It will have to make de best of it. Growth is only to be expected after the development of the first product. Nevertheless, the trend of sharing under free Open Source licenses is the future. Worldwide there will be enough entrepreneurs who want to get started with the devices developed by the FFABW.

Facts and situation FFABW

Because no product is made and/or sold, there is no starting capital to be acquired. The same applies to the developed devices of which all knowledge is shared under a free Open Source license. Funding will first have to come from donors. As soon as prototypes have been developed and go into production elsewhere, the objective is made visible.
From there, structural income and subsidies and/or sponsoring can be sought and realised.

Market position

Realizing this mission is not commercially feasible. This is because "affordable and for everyone" does not fit in. Foundations such as the Arson Foundation and the Heart Foundation were not established to earn money, but to finance research, which is desirable for society.
The Foundation For A Better World funds the technical development of environmentally friendly energy and drinking water producing equipment. The FFABW chooses to do this in-house.
It has been found that when the investigations are carried out by others, as in the method of the other foundations mentioned, these investigations end in patents and are not shared with everyone.
The founders of the FFABW believe that if something is publicly funded, then the results are from and for everyone.

  • develops
  • test
  • establish standard rules for production and safe use and the warranty to be provided by sellers and manufacturers of these devices
  • shares all findings via its website
  • can act as an intermediary between manufacturers of parts and builders of the devices it has developed for a fee
  • provides support and answers questions related to its activities
  • is building an (int.) community to share knowledge.

The FFABW itself will not produce any products to be marketed.

How do we do that?

The most difficult period is the run-up to the first working device. After that, the first R&D (Research & Development) becomes a reality. However, it doesn't stop there. There must be at least 5 R&Ds in 5 different climate areas on location throughout the world. The communication between the R&Ds must be optimal. This is because the exchange of experience and knowledge is the basis of the FFABW.

What we want to achieve

The first R&D with paid employees must be completed in 2025. Every 3 years thereafter, an R&D must be added to a maximum of 10 R&Ds worldwide.
These R&Ds can accommodate a maximum of 10 paid employees, a maximum of 20 trainees with or without compensation and 10 volunteers with the maximum compensation ( according to local/ Dutch tax law ). Together they take care of all activities.
There must also be space and budget for a maximum of 5 inventors / individuals who want to develop and share their idea under the free Open Source licenses.

What does it take to achieve the goals

In order to set up and expand the organization, the foundation is based on a volunteer organization with a foundation form. At a later stage, this can be changed to a non-profit business form. Depending on the local situation, this is determined by the board.
A sound board and later a board and director, with tasks and responsibilities, shape the policy and its implementation within the set frameworks.
In addition, finding the financial means is a "must" to start realizing the first step, developing a prototype.
Parallel to the R&D process, good communication is required to publicize the promotion of FFABW and its objectives.
Ambassadors are needed who are known in the market and who stand behind FFABW and help to make a difference in the rapidly changing world of energy production, production and use.