Everyone knows that the temperature on earth is rising.

At FFABW we want to take action to prevent global warming by finding alternatives for fossil energy and we want to share this knowledge under free Open Source licenses with everyone via the internet.

Our goals are:

Environment Friendly

Open Source Logo

To develop environmentally friendly energy production and water purifying devices

To provide knowledge through Free Open Source License


Free Knowledge through Internet

To set a standard for using these devices and systems

The knowledge to carry out over the internet and provide recognition to the inventor and developer.



Below are the areas where we want to develop devices and systems under Free Open Source Licenses 


Biological waste, Food remains, Garden waste, etc. ==>
Algae ==>
Washing water, Shower water ==>

Rain water, Groundwater


House Energy Plant

Your own energy


220 - 230V~[12V(+/-)(~)][24V(+/-)(~)]


Heating, Cooling


Drinking Water


Hot Drinking Water


Gray water


Organic manure